5 Easy Tips for Going Natural

 Having natural hair and being somewhat of a "guru" amongst my friends, I've gotten tons of questions about how to "go natural." First, I must say, there is no ONE way to go natural; this journey is personal. However, I thought I'd highlight some of the most popular tips for freshman naturals to embrace their curls.

How Do Hair Conditioners Work?

What are hair conditioners supposed to do?
Remember that hair is dead! It’s a common misconception that hair can be healthy. Hair can be no more healthy than a shoe lace, a cotton blouse, or any other non-living fiber. The hair on your head is not living tissue. It is dead, keratinized protein. Hair cannot be healthy. Of course, it can look healthy or not-healthy but that’s not the same thing. Conditioners help give your hair a healthier appearance (and reduce breakage) by smoothing the hair.

DIY Face Masks: Perfect for Fall

So you want to make your own face mask? Here’s where to start. These ingredients found in most kitchens and medicine cabinets transform skin the way um, nature, intended. Always avoid the eye area, and as with any new skin treatment, test a small amount on the face or neck, first.

Can "Dead" Hair Really be Moisturized?

Stacy says…I believe silicones just coat your hair to give the appearance of smooth, moisturized hair. Hair is dead so you can’t really do too much to actually moisturize it within each strand.

The Beauty Brains respond:

Actually, Stacy, just because hair is dead doesn’t mean you can’t moisturize it. No, we’re not talking about some kind of risen-from-the -dead-zombie hair, we’re just talking about the true meaning of moisturization.

Summer Hair Tips: The Beach and Your Mini #BeautySnob

We get a lot of questions from moms of mini naturals about how to care for their child's hair while on the beach this summer. This is never easy. Mini #BeautySnobs aren't as patient as we are to deep condition, hydrate, seal, protect, etc. So we have to develop a routine unique to their needs and their routines. 

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