The Good, The Bad, & The Scary of The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

There has been a lot of discussion/questions around this seemingly miracle treatment that straightens curly hair without the use of relaxers. However, I think the beauty may have just outdone itself with its of harmful products in the name of beauty.  Check out this question from one SoVAiN customer and the video from Black Girl Long Hair below. 

One reader asks: Keratin treatments to straighten natural hair... healthy? unhealthy?

SoVAiN answers: Thanks for asking this questions! The short answer is they are NOT healthy for your hair. These treatments contain formaldehyde (a human carcinogen) and can cause shortness of breath, nose bleeds, bleeding from the eyes...and yes....cancer. More information can be found on the formaldehyde and its use in BKT treatments in this OSHA Hazard Alert. [cont...]

Healthy Hair Tip: Is Your Hair Over Moisturized?

Healthy Hair Tip: If your hair is limp, mushy, frizzy, and won't hold a style--your hair may be over moisturized and overly pourous. Sounds radical, right? Nope...its a real problem. Hair that is moisturized too much without adding sufficient protein to the hair will result in limp, mushy, frizzy hair that won't hold a style.

To correct this, try SoVAiN's Protein Repair Conditioner at least twice a month. This Protein Repair Conditioner reinforces the protein structure of your hair giving your hair its primary building block for health.

Questions about protein? Post'em here or tweet us at @thatssovainhair using hashtag #thatssovain

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Written by SoVAiN Williams — May 04, 2012

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Preventing Knots, Tangles, and General Hair Madness

Fairy knots. Single strand knots. Tangles. Oh my.....A knot by any other name....its all the same. 

What  are they? Single strand knots, or fairy knots as they are affectionately called, are tiny knots that appear on a single strand close to the tip of the hair. They are most common in type 4a/4b/4c hair (hair that has a naturally tighter curl pattern). They are caused by dry hair that has a tight kinky, curly texture. When dry hair rubs against each other the weaker strand tends to coil back forming a knot. Eventually that knot will break - causing more damage because that breakage will continue up the hair shaft. These pesky knots cause severe damage to kinky curly hair and major setbacks to hair length retention. [cont...]


Written by SoVAiN Williams — April 01, 2012

Healthy Hair Tip: Preventing Hygral Fatigue

Ever heard the old saying, "Don't wash your hair too'll come out?"

Well....its partly true....somewhat....kind of. Water can damage the hair by being hard (we discuss here how to prevent this with water filters) and it can also damage the hair when used, in conjunction with shampoo, to cleanse the hair and thus; raises the pH levels of the hair causing the cuticles to expand and raise. [cont...]

GirlTalk! Tweet Chat Session: A few excerpts...

First of all...THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our first SoVAiN GirlTalk! Tweet Chat session!  We had a blast and we are looking forward to having MORE participants next time!

Check out a few chat excerpts below! 

Watch out for details for our next chat session! We had a blast ladies and we can't wait for the next one!

Healthy Hair Tip: Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Healthy Hair Tip: Ladies that are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair should deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner at least every 5 days and deep condition with a protein conditioner at least once every 10 days. This will help strengthen your hair while keep it soft and pliable. Incorporating curly styles into your hair routine and minimizing heat will help you retain length and reduce breakage.

Natural Hair Dictionary

So I know natural hair can be new and challenging in and of itself. Not being familiar with the nomenclature can be even more confusing. Below is a list of frequently used terms from the "natural hair dictionary." Read it. Learn it. Love it. Lol....consider it a translation guide for your learning needs. Stay VAiN, chicas! [cont.]

Ingredients 101: 7 Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil contains vitamin E, minerals, proteins, antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. Scientists attribute its healing benefits to its unusual chemical composition, which consists of a triglyceride of fatty acids with ricinoleic acid of up to 90 percent. In addition to healing benefits, castor oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties, all of which are related to healthy hair growth. Here are 7 ways to incorporate castor oil into a healthy hair regimen.

Added Shine

According to researchers studying the light reflected from hair samples, castor oil hair treatments were found to increase the luster of hair. This effect is caused by castor oil‘s ability to coat the hair shaft, sealing in moisture and creating a silkier surface. Dull hair may benefit from the use of castor oil hair treatments, either in conditioners or in the form of a hot oil treatment. For optimum shine, use a hot oil treatment once per month or moisturizing treatments weekly. However, more frequent use than this can result in an oily scalp. [cont]

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