Ready for a quick, easy style that doesn't require heat? Here ya go: 

1. Deep condition on dirty hair (my hair tends to absorb more conditioner this way and I get the best results). 

2. Co-wash or shampoo hair in the shower. 

3. While in the shower, thoroughly detangle and comb hair in sections. 

4. Add a generous amount of leave in conditioner to soaking wet hair and braid in large sections. I used 3 sections but adjust accordingly for your hair. 

5. Add perm rod to the end of the braid for extra curl definition. 

6. Allow to air dry overnight. If you're in a rush, try sitting under a hooded dryer. 

7. Once fully dry, take down and FLUFF! 

8. Enjoy! Re-braid or pineapple at night. :)

Written by SoVAiN Beauty — August 02, 2015

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