Is your hair feeling dry, rigid and rough? You may be suffering from porous hair. Porosity your hair's ability or inability to absorb moisture or any chemical service.

All hair is naturally porous but the degree of porosity will change based on daily wear and tear of the hair as well as the number of chemical treatments you apply to your hair. When your hair is chemically treated (permanent relaxers or color treating) its protein structure becomes compromised and its protective cuticle becomes tattered and torn. Hair in this condition suffers from high porosity. 

One way of correcting porosity is to treat your hair with a protein treatment. Its the best, most effective way to "patch" the damaged areas of the cuticle. Only protein can bind to your hair's protein structure and mend the scales of the cuticle. Regular protein conditioners will help correct porosity issues and result in more moisturized hair. 

Another way to correct porosity issue is to use a slightly acidic conditioner to lower the pH of your hair. The lowered pH will result in the cuticles on your hair closing and lying flat. The flatter your cuticles lie down, the less moisture your hair will lose.

Written by Shopify — March 03, 2012

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