What are ceramides?

Ceramides are fatty molecules that naturally occur in the hair fiber. They are the "glue' of the hair fiber that hold all of the layers together.

How do ceramides benefit hair?

Ceramides form a seal on the cuticle layer, limiting the loss of protein molecules from the hair shaft; protecting the fiber against normal wear and tear from manipulation (washing & styling), UV rays, heat and chemical services; like dye, relaxers etc. This seal also helps to keep the cuticle flat and tightly packed; they fill in gaps in the cuticle, giving shine and keeping porosity low. Over time, hair loses ceramide molecules. From heat and chemical but also just from the hair itself aging. Older and/or damaged hair contains less ceramide than newer/healthier hair. So it makes sense to incorporate ceramides to maintain hair health.

*Note: Ceramides help limit the loss of protein and help strengthen the hair fiber. However they are not proteins, nor can they replace protein in your reggie. (Some people have found they need less protein though)

Where can I find ceramides?

There are plant oils and extracts that contain plant ceramides. They function much the same as those found in our own hair. Many hair products also contain natural and synthetic ceramides. 

Some examples of ceramide oils are: 
Eucalyptus extract
Hemp seed oil
Kukui Nut oil
Sunflower oil
Rice Bran oil
Walnut oil
Wheat Germ oil

Wheat Germ Oil is by far my favorite oil! I use this in VAiN products because of its superior slip and moisturizing capabilities.

Written by SoVAiN Williams — March 03, 2012

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