Take your fingernails and gently rake them across your skin. Go ahead....I'll wait. Does it hurt? Probably not...but now do it for about 100 times in a row -- in the same spot -- every day. Think you'll suffer a bit of skin damage? Of course you would. Now try doing this on fine wouldn't would you? 

This is what happens every time we use improper tools on our hair. This is where seamless combs become super important. Take a look at your regular $2 comb. Look at the "forks"....notice a little seam running down the middle? That tiny seam, as innocent as it appears, can actually wreak havoc on your hair over time. Do you suffer from Mid- Shaft Splits although you are doing "everything" right to your hair? Do you have weak hair strands? Blame it on the seam, man. That tiny seam rakes against your super delicate hair strands and can cause tiny holes, tearing, and breakage to the hair cuticle. 

Enter the seamless comb. The seamless combs, while pricier, are constructed so as to provide little to no damage when combing and detangling the hair. I've used the seamless comb to detangle my hair while wet and dry and noticed I've had significantly less breakage. Using my regular detangling comb (nothing it from Sally's) I would typically use about 10-20 hairs in a combing session. Detangling with my seamless comb...I lost two. Count them. One...two. =O

Color me excited. 

I purchased the Magic Star Jumbo Rake from It was a little pricey for a comb (about $18) however, I decided it would be a good investment. No matter how great my SoVAiN Conditioners won't matter if I am compromising my progress by using the improper tools on my hair and ripping my hair out as fast as I grow it. 

Check out this vlogger's review of my new favorite hair tool...

Written by SoVAiN Williams — March 03, 2012

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