Traction Alopecia is usually caused by continuous and excessive pulling on the hair due to various types of hairstyling. Ponytails, buns, braiding and cornrows often result in a continuous pulling on the hair. This traction gradually results in hairloss. If this type of traction and hairloss continues for an excessively long period of time then the hairloss may become permanent. Generally however a change in hairstyle that reduces the traction on the hair and hair follicle is all that is required in the treatment of Traction Alopecia.

Women suffering from Traction Alopecia should should steer clear of chemical relaxers and hair coloring. They should be especially careful to stay away from products containing silicones and mineral oils as this will further clog the pores of the scalp and hair resulting in additional hair loss. Wash your hair regularly using shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry and damaged hair, which will help heal damaged hair and prevent further damage and breakage. Castor oil has been noted to help reverse the effects of traction alopecia. Castor oil can be too thick to use alone; pairing with a high quality oil such as argan oil or grapeseed oil can help make application easier. 

The lesson: Be gentle with your hair ladies. Treat your strands like the fine, fragile pieces of silk they are and you will reap the benefits of long, thick, healthy hair. 

Stay VAiN!  

Written by SoVAiN Williams — March 20, 2012

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