Fairy knots. Single strand knots. Tangles. Oh my.....A knot by any other name....its all the same. 
What  are they? Single strand knots, or fairy knots as they are affectionately called, are tiny knots that appear on a single strand close to the tip of the hair. They are most common in type 4a/4b/4c hair (hair that has a naturally tighter curl pattern). They are caused by dry hair that has a tight kinky, curly texture. When dry hair rubs against each other the weaker strand tends to coil back forming a knot. Eventually that knot will break - causing more damage because that breakage will continue up the hair shaft. These pesky knots cause severe damage to kinky curly hair and major setbacks to hair length retention. 

What causes them? Dry hair is the primary cause of single strand knots. Secondly, hair that is placed in protective styles frequently (without proper stretching) can also cause single strand knots. Last, improperly sealing your ends (or complete lack thereof) can cause single strand knots. This goes back to the primary cause of single strand knots....dryness. Proper sealing will not only seal in moisture but also provide proper lubrication to allow the strands, when rubbed against one another, to "slip" against each other and not coil back to form a knot. 

What prevents them?
  • Deep conditioning--this restores moisture into the hair
  • Moisturize and sealing nightly--restores moisture into hair and provides lubrication that prevents hair from coiling back into itself
  • Protecting hair at night with satin bonnet --prevents hair dryness
  • Careful detangling --best done with conditioner!
  • Stretching hair with twist outs, Curlformers, bantu knots, flexi rods, etc. --stretching hair prevents hair from coiling onto itself and also helps hair retain moisture longer
  • Protect ends nightly w/ rollers, bantu knots, or flexi rods--protects hair from coiling against itself at night
  • Regular ACV rinses to increase moisture retention--helps hair retain moisture longer

Ok! I hope this is helpful ladies! Remember....moisturizing and sealing is the KEY to healthy hair! Now...what do you do if you find a single strand knot? If you can't detangle with your fingers....cut it off. Using a comb to detangle will only further damage your cuticles. Cut your losses (literally) and keep it moving. 

Happy hair growing, chicas! Stay VAiN!

Written by SoVAiN Williams — April 01, 2012



So when you suggest moisturizing and sealing nightly, exactly what does that process entail?

April 30 2012 at 02:04 PM


Hi Crystal! Moisturizing and sealing nightly entails moisturizing the hair with a water based moisturizer such as the Hair Dew Leave in Conditioner. You want to lightly spray your hair with the Hair Dew in order to moisten it…not wet it. Next, you take a small amount of Hair Like Silk and “seal” in the moisture while providing nourishment to the hair.

I prefer to moisturize and seal my hair in about 4 fat twists on my head. I pay extra attention to my ends to ensure they are moistened and sealed properly. I tend to add just a little extra oil to my ends to make sure they stay sealed.

May 03 2012 at 12:05 AM

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