Ever heard the old saying, "Don't wash your hair too'll come out?"

Well....its partly true....somewhat....kind of. Water can damage the hair by being hard (we discuss here how to prevent this with water filters) and it can also damage the hair when used, in conjunction with shampoo, to cleanse the hair and thus; raises the pH levels of the hair causing the cuticles to expand and raise.

Hair can become fatigued and damaged during the act of expanding when wet and contracting again when dry (hygral fatigue). Certain oils like coconut oil and olive oil are known to penetrate slightly under the cuticle and help reduce the expansion of hair when wet (J Cosmet Sci, pp 169-184, 2001). Hair treated with coconut oil as a pre-wash has been shown to be less susceptible to breakage after washing. (J Cosmet Sci, pp 327-339, 1999). Prepoo's are a great way to prevent hygral fatigue from frequent shampooing of the hair.  Hygral fatgue can result in hair with breakage, mid shaft splits, and inability to retain moisture.    

Another option for cleansing the hair and  preventing hygral fatigue is co-washing hair a moisturizing conditioner. The conditioner is generally less abrasive  on hair cuticles, thus resulting in less breakage. Also, conditioners typically have a lower pH level which result in hair expanding less during the cleansing process. Remember.... the swelling of the hair shaft can damage the hair cuticle and cortex which can eventually weaken hair. 

The old school saying is true....partly....kind of. If you choose to shampoo your hair, always start with a pre-poo. If a pre-poo isn't your thing...gently cleanse your hair with SoVAiN Deep Moisture Repair Conditioner. 

Happy hair growing, chicas! Stay VAiN!

Written by SoVAiN Williams — April 03, 2012

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