Prenatal vitamins. Hair vitamins. Biotin overload. There are literally dozens of chat rooms and blogs filled with marketers and bloggers and women desperate for a solution all pointing to hair vitamins as the miracle to hair growth. The sad truth is...there is no miracle to hair growth. There are no magic pills. No golden cow and no magic bean stalk. The truth is your hair growth is predetermined and controlled by your hormones. Supplements (pills) only work to improve your hair growth if it truly supplements something in your diet that your body needs and is currently missing. If you are healthy and your diet is fairly balanced, your body will simply flush out the excess supplements it doesn't need. Don't get me wrong...supplements are not bad...supplements are good! But supplements are not magical pills and we need to understand that before we go taking 20 pills a day hoping for 8 inches of growth in 7 days. Not gonna happen. Here are my supplement rules: 1) stick to a basic, good multi-vitamin daily for overall health, 2) take the prescribed amount and no more, 3) eat a healthy diet.  This will create the ideal growth environment for your hair to reach its already predetermined maximum growth rate. Remember...growth rate and length retention are different. Length retention speaks to how you care for your hair after its started to grow and preventing breakage! That's where conditioners, oils, moisturizers, butters, etc come in. So recap: vitamin supplements are good but there is no miracle hair growth pill. Take them as prescribed and combine with a healthy diet. You will create an ideal growth environment for your hair so that your hair will grow at its maximum growth rate.

                                                                                           Any questions???

                                                                        Happy hair growing, chicas! Stay VAiN!

Written by SoVAiN Williams — April 03, 2012

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