Very cool, safe method for using the blow dryer to stretch and straighten out your hair by our friend Curlychronicles. This method allows hair to be slightly straight without the damage that comes from regular blow drying. Best damaging comb attachment needed. Your arms may get a bit tired but hey...that's the price of beauty! =)

Note that her hair has been air drying in twists. This is key to making sure there is no heat damage. Blow drying wet hair can cause severe, irreparable damage to the hair so always start on slightly damp hair. Be sure to apply the SoVAiN Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner and Hair Like Silk prior to putting your hair into twists so that your hair will have time to absorb the nutrients. This will help to cut down on heat damage and breakage. Add a tiny bit (dime sized amount) more Hair Like Silk before you begin blow'll be rewarded with hair that is silky smooth and smells great!

Happy hair growing, chicas! Stay VAiN!

Written by SoVAiN Williams — April 23, 2012

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