This is a popular question I receive from my clients..."How often should I trim my hair?"

The simple answer to this? As needed...and that probably is not every 6 weeks as most stylists would have you believe. Unless your hair is relaxed, colored, and uses heat daily...trimming every 6 weeks is more than is sabotage to your hair growth. If hair grows on average 1/2 inch per month and every 6 weeks women are getting 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch trimmed off...its no wonder we think our hair can't grow. 

Well. It can. It does. So long as we don't cut it off. 

So long as you are deep conditioning at least 1-2 times per week, moisturizing and sealing your hair daily, and limiting your hair's exposure to heat and harsh can easily go 6-12 months without needing a trim. Once I incorporated a daily practice of moisturizing and sealing my hair, I reduced my trim sessions from 4 times a year to 1 time a year. One stylist (who normally encouraged me to get a trim every time I sat down in her chair) was even impressed with the condition of my hair. 

You may need a trim if: 

  • You use heat frequently
  • You do not moisturize and seal your hair regularly
  • Your hair has begun to "feather" and thin towards the ends
  • Your ends are snapping off at an unusual rate
  • You wear your hair down often (allowing "rub" against clothes/furniture/etc that can cause dryness and cuticle disruption)
I don't advocate hanging on to damaged ends to for the purposes of length...there really is no point. Its a myth that your hair will split all the way up the shaft...but it may split and break off unevenly, leaving the ends of your hair ragged and exposed to additional damage. 

The moral of this diligent in your hair care routine, chicas! The more preventative care you do...the less you will need to trim and the more hair you can keep on your head. 

Happy hair growing! Stay VAiN! 

Written by SoVAiN Williams — May 10, 2012



For that once or twice a year when a trim is appropriate even for well-maintained hair, do you have any recommendations for a trim? For example, some people get their hair blown out and trimmed down evenly. Others say that that isn’t helpful for women who don’t wear their hair straightened, especially because there are so many different textures in one head of hair. If all of the hair is blown out and cut down to the same length, the hair is uneven when it is wet and kinked, curled, or coiled back up. Also, a lot of stylists have trouble differentiating between split, ragged ends and the natural texture of curly, kinky, coiled hair and they chop off hair that doesn’t need to be chopped, this is especially true if you don’t go to the hair dresser immediately after you deep condition. Thoughts on best trim methods to address these issues?

May 13 2012 at 06:05 PM


Hi Akilah…first I would recommend that if you are trimming for style, you seek a licensed hair dresser that specializes in curly, natural hair for solutions to trimming your hair. They can offer trims based on hair density, curl type, bone structure, etc.

If you are trimming to eliminate split ends…then I prefer the search and destroy method whereby I examine each strand in my hair and cut only that portion that is damaged (less than 1/8 an inch). Because I wear my hair curly 98% of the time, this does not pose a problem for me. However, when I wear my hair straight I prefer to manicure my hair with a blunt trim to make my hair even across.

May 14 2012 at 09:05 PM

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