FAQ: What kind of hair color change can I expect from using henna?

A: Henna's hair color change will depend on a number of factors and vary from person to person. Assuming you have a henna w/ a lawsonia inermis dye of about 2.5%, your hair may begin to see color results in as little as 2-3 applications. However, the darker your hair, the longer it will take to see color changes to your hair and the more applications you will need to obtain the natural red/burgundy undertone to your hair. 

The henna results will be best scene in the sunlight and there is rarely any dramatic change in hair color with darker hair. The more you apply henna, the more prominent the color becomes in your hair. Again...this take multiple applications over a period of time. 

Using a henna gloss (henna mixed w/ conditioner) will weaken the coloring power of henna. If you desire the conditioning effects of henna without the color, henna gloss is a great option.

Written by SoVAiN Williams — June 04, 2012

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