-by Aithyni Rucker, POSH

So, you have decided to take care of your health, body, and up your sexy game by hitting the gym.  However, no matter how hard you are hitting the gym, you still have the sinking feeling that all this exercise is ruining your hair.  Child please.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Exercise has so many benefits and in fact encourages longer, stronger, more healthy hair IF you properly maintain it.  Here are a few things to keep in mind and some practices to keep your hair SoVAiN and POSH'ed to the max.  

1. Exercise Increases Proper Circulation To Your Scalp - Girl your scalp is suffocating. Lack of blood flow to the scalp causes the stoppage of hair growth and increased shedding of the hair. Lack of circulation to the scalp causes your hair follicles to shrink, which over time leads to hair loss.  Exercise and great circulation gives your hair the vital nutrients it needs to grow new hair. By exercising, the blocked hair follicles are revived and become unclogged, and as a result are once again capable of producing new healthy hair. 

2.  Exercise Reduces Stress - Your family, job, and life are crazy, I know it.  All that stress is about to make you go bald, in a bad way. One common reason behind hair loss is too much stress in life. Stress restricts blood flow within the blood vessels of the scalp, preventing your hair from receiving the essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth. This will ultimately result in various hair related problems. When you exercise your stress level decreases, stimulating hair growth.  Exercise also reduces Cortisone and increases Serotonin. Regular cardiovascular and aerobic exercises can help in controlling the cortisone level present in the body. 

3.  Exercise Releases Toxins - Your body is full of gunk, clean that mess up.  While doing exercise, body releases sweat through which toxins are released from the body. Thus, exercise works as a cleansing regimen for the skin and scalp,  

4. Sleep Is Essential -  Sleep is awesome - gitchusome!  Along with exercise, your body needs adequate amount of sleep. Six to eight hours of sound sleep per night help your body to relax and improves hair growth rate.

5. Eat Right and GROW -  When it comes to hair growth, there is a close connection between exercise and well balanced diet. When you do exercise, your body needs stamina and energy. Thus, it becomes essential to follow a well balanced nutritious diet. When your body is nourished properly, your hair will glow and look healthy. Along with diet it is important to drink plenty of water to keep your body free from dehydration. A diet rich in protein is essential for long, strong, shiny, and beautiful hair.  Try to ingest about 20 grams of protein per meal for about 60grams of protein, at minimum per day. 

POSH Hair Care Tips - 

1. Beat Sweat Damage - Sweat buildup can cause extreme damage to your hair, causing your hair to break, shed, become dull, or become dry. When you sweat, the body is detoxifying the body of waste, which includes salt. The salts and proteins in sweat can break down as they dry becoming acidic and can result in drying out the hair and sometimes irritating the scalp. To prevent this wash your hair. You don't have to wash your hair with shampoo, in fact, I recommend co-washing your hair (washing hair with conditioner only).  This works for natural and relaxed beauties alike. Co-washing your hair about 2 times a week with rid your hair all the acid in your hair, without stripping your hair of precious nutrients like shampoo can.  I do recommend washing your hair with shampoo at least 1-2 times a month. 
2.  Let The Air Hit  You - Work out in front of a fan or in a room with an air-conditioning unit. The body sweats to cool itself off and prevent exhaustion and overheating. So, the cooler you are, the less you will sweat.
3. Move Around - Try to move about rather than staying in one spot (e.g. running outside instead of on a treadmill). Moving around and letting air pass by you will help you remain cooler.
4. Silk It Up - When using a headband to absorb sweat, use a smooth satin material. Try to avoid cotton as it can be quite damaging to your hair. However, if using a headband to absorb sweat on your forehead before it gets to the hair, cotton is a good choice.
5. Put Down The Heat  Avoid over processing. This means limiting your use of heat appliances, including blow dryers and straighteners.
6. Wider is Better - Use a wide tooth comb to style your hair.

7. Style Your Hair For Growth -  Pull your hair away from your face and neck when you exercise. Try out ponytails, buns, roller sets, bantu knots, twists, or wraps to protect your hair and prevent breakage. Relaxed or natural, make sure you use a silk scarf or pillow case at night are a must!!

8. Protein is a must. Incorporate protein in your foods, supplements, and hair care products, it will strengthen the hair shaft, reduce breakage, and stop shedding. Great foods that contain protein and hair strengthening vitamins are fish, turkey, chicken, beans, sunflower seeds, coconut, spinach, carrots, whole wheats, and soy. Consider drinking a soy supplement or taking amino acids daily. 

Here is to showing how you are SoVAIN and POSH at all times.  Please stop by for more tips on how to live your best healthy life!

Aithyni is a lawyer by day and a fitness/health enthusiast by night.  After majoring in overeating and workout avoidance,  a health scare made her put down the Oreos and hit the gym.  After losing 60 pounds, she was encouraged by friends to share her secrets with the world.  POSH is her way to share weight loss, exercise, and health tips as well as share her own special brand of foolishness with the world.

Written by SoVAiN Williams — July 24, 2012

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