Sodium creeps up in many ways. We might not by smothering our green beans in seasoning salt, but if you're using canned veggies, chances are you're not accounting for some of your sodium intake. There has been so much research on whether or not canned veggies hold the same amount of nutrients as their fresh of frozen counterparts. Canned veggies do hold nutritional value, but the amount of sodium a can contains is not great for your body. Some sites suggested rinsing your canned veggies with water to get rid of the sodium- but honestly, I don't think that does a thorough job of getting rid of it. Besides, instead of rinsing your canned goods with water, you could quickly steam some fresh or frozen veggies. Our body does need some sodium, but excessive amounts leads to water retention, and possibly more serious healthy issues like high blood pressure or kidney problems. Steer clear of the salt!

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Written by SoVAiN Williams — December 06, 2012

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