Beanies....we just love them! They are super cute and can make any casual look really pop. They are also a great accessory for glamming up a protective style when your hair needs a little bit of a break. But...our favorite accessory can also be our hair's enemy without proper protection. These wool + cotton beanies are fashionable, but they will drink up every bit of moisture your hair has and leave it BONE dry. It is imperative that you wear your beanie responsibly :) Protect your hair by adding a satin scarf underneath your beanie. 

Step One: Lightly mist hair with Hair Dew Leave in Conditioner

Step Two: Seal moisture into hair w/ BARE Whipped Butter

Step Three: Grab your satin scarf and tie it around the crown of your head 

(the portions that will be covered by the beanie). Click here for a step by step guide. 

Step Four: Put that bad boy beanie on! 

Voila! Instant hotness!

Beanie Love

Beanie Love by thatssovain featuring beanie hats

Written by SoVAiN Williams — December 20, 2012

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