Sometimes your hair needs a break from finger twisting, detangling, flat braiding, etc. Enough is enough! Try using a chic head wrap to take a break from manipulating your hair while remaining fashionable and vain! The keys to pulling off a head wrap are simple: 

1. Find a print or loud color that compliments your look. Leopard print is always a fan favorite! 
2. Pair with amazing jewelry. Jewelry really compliments the look! 
3. Always use a satin scarf. Alternatively, use any scarf you find that you like and tie your hair down with a satin scarf underneath...this will prevent the scarf from drying out your hair. 
4. ALWAYS apply a deep conditioner plus an oil or butter to the hair before applying the scarf. 
5. Find a scarf in the right length...too big may not always be bad. Get creative with the extra material and create a top bun or fake "ponytail" in the back. Too little is always BAD. 
6. Rock it confidently! Scarves have come a long way and head wraps are a great way to highlight any personal style! 

Last Night Was Mad Real...

Last Night Was Mad Real... by thatssovain featuring heart jewelry

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Written by SoVAiN Williams — January 15, 2013

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