Working with children's hair can be challenging, but mini #BeautySnobs' hair need TLC too. You'd be surprised to know (or maybe not) that the same practices we utilize to ensure our hair is healthy and luxurious are the same practices we can use on our mini #BeautySnobs to help them grow healthy hair. Check out our tips below: 

1. Deep conditioning hair is imperative. Kids won't have the patience to sit under a dryer or steamer every 5 days for 20-45 minutes; however, it is still important they get into the habit of deep conditioning their hair at least every 7-10 days. Deep conditioning will help hair remain moisturized and prevent single strand knots, tangles, and breakage. Part hair in sections and coat hair with SoVAiN Deep Moisture Repair. Place under a heat cap on low or medium heat for 20 minutes. Pop in a DVD or grab the iPad and let them enjoy the experience. Heat caps tend to be better for younger kids as it allows them to move freely. 

Working with baby's hair? Skip the heat cap and allow the conditioner to sit on the hair (without a plastic cap!) for about 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water. 

2. Keep the child entertained. This is a great time to allow kids to read to you, tell you about their day, watch tv, or play games. The goal is to make this a fun time and not one that they dread on a weekly basis.

3. Moisturize and seal hair daily. Moisture is key! Use a leave in conditioner daily and seal with an oil or butter in order to keep hair moisturized and healthy. Stick to water-based moisturizers to keep hair soft and supple in between washes and natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter to nourish and lubricate your child’s hair before styling. Twists, plaits, and french braids are great styles to use daily that will help keep hair moisturized and soft. 

4. Detangling doesn't have to be torture. The key to detangling hair is tools + technique + time. There are a few key rules to detangling little ones hair: (a) Watch your words. Speaking negatively about mini #BeautySnobs hair is a "no-no." They pick up on this and wil internalize this negativity. (b) Remember that book/iPad/tv show? Its time to break that out again. Keep them busy so they don't get frustrated and in turn...frustrate you. (c) Use a wide tooth comb and detangle in small section. (d) Never detangle little ones' hair while dry. Always coat with conditioner in order to make the detangling process much easier. For this reason, we recommend only detangling hair on wash days if possible. If the child's hair is really dry and tangled, try pre-poo'ing with a heavy oil to help lubricate hair. (e) Go slowly. Don't rush. 

5. Skip the old school habit of "greasing the scalp." We all remember our mothers using a big tub of blue stuff or...*gasp*...petroleum jelly to grease our scalps to moisturize hair and prevent dandruff. Scalps need to "breathe" in order to remain healthy and clogging scalps with mineral oil or petroleum based products will only cause your child's scalp to be dry, itchy, and flaky. Try applying Hair Like Silk directly to scalp if your child's scalp tends to be on the dry side. The jojoba oil will regulate sebum production (preventing hair from becoming too oily or too dry) and the peppermint oil will fight off any bacteria that may be growing in the scalp and stimulate hair growth. 

How do you care for your little one's hair? What are some tips you would add to the list? 

Additional questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by SoVAiN Beauty — March 28, 2013

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