-Casey, Bay Area Style File Blog

"I just took my hair out of braids and it was a matted mess. I deep conditioned w/ SoVAiN Deep Moisture Repair overnight and my tangles MELTED away! It was sooo easy to comb thru my hair! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - K. Nance

"Vain has saved my hair while on vacay! I am currently in Turks and Caicos and managed to snorkle in the ocean and come through looking like nothing happened! Thanks SoVain!" -E. Clift.

"Hi AJ, I just wanted to tell you that I REALLY like your Deep Moisture Repair Conditioner! I usually wait before giving product reviews because I want to see how my hair responds to products after multiple uses, and after 4 weeks using it, I must say my hair feels great! I like the texture and the way it feels on my head. It also helps me detangle, so I will definitely be using it again. Thanks! :)" - J. McNeill Turner

-Rebecca Smith (Naturally Me vLogger)

"SoVain conditioners are a permanent part of my healthy hair regimen! My hair feels wonderful! Two uses and noticeably stronger, fuller. Perfect balance of protein and moisture! Can't wait to try the whipped Shea Butter!!! #IMSOOOOOOVAIN!" -A. Malone Mallory

"I've been tweaking my healthy hair regimen for about 6months now and I must say I'm loving the fullness and softness of my hair after adding SoVain Protein Repair&Deep Moisture Conditioners to my regimen last night. Hubby even noticed. There was VERY little breakage my hair is fuller and feels stronger! It feels wonderful. I'm SoVain today!!!" -A. Malone Mallory

"Just used my SoVAiN deep conditioner i love this product! Every time i have that tingle I know it's working! My hair is starting to grow longer already...get these products on the shelf please!!" -N. Coley

"I used Vain's Hair Like Silk product last night during my moisturize & seal process before french braiding my hair. I love the consistency of the oil, and that it made braiding my natural hair so much easier." -A. Barfi

"Just experienced SoVain deep conditioner and I must say this was the best deep conditioning experience I have ever had. I think I'm in love!" -P. Williams

"OMG!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the VAiN Deep Moisture Conditioner! I have type 4 hair and moisture retention and breakage are HUGE problems for me. I have tried all the fancy brands to the likes of Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly, Fekkai, Jane Carter Solution, Ted Gibson, to name only a few, and NOTHING comes close to VAiN! and it's all natural and toxic free!!! Doesn't get any better than this!" -C. Elder

"Traveling in Asia and Europe for 2 months and couldn't leave home without my VAiN Hair products. After a long workout last night I put the leave-in conditioner and oil treatment on my hair and pin curled away! This morning I have flowing curls and I'm looking forward to fighting the heat out here in India! I am so VAiN!" -N. Coley

"I tried the protein conditioner last night -- my hair is so soft! I have been getting compliments on it all day today!#fanforlife" -T. Johnson

"I've been using my customized VAiN hair conditioner and my hair is loving it! Ladies, if you want all natural hair care be sure to reach out to VAiN Hair today to get a mix made just for you." -C. Nelson

"I ran out of the usual pomade that I twist my locs with so decided to try twisting with Hair Like Silk last night. Applied it right after washing and conditioning, did my usual loc maintenance rouine, and wrapped it for the night. Today it is moisturized, and my hair and scalp feel and smell great. Going to try it as a pre-poo next. Great product. Thanks so much!" -R. James

"I used the VAiN Deep Moisture Repair Conditioner today as a deep conditioner (30 mins under the dryer with a plastic cap on) and my hair came out very soft w/slip, allowing detangling to be a cinch! Great purchase! =)" -A. Barf

"To all who are hesistant in trying Vain products I must say the protein treatment is something to die for...I absolutely love it. After one use my hair instantly felt fortified and full and the best part was not having to follow up with a PH treatment to balance out the hair (the product has the perfect mix of ingredients that prevents dryness after the washout). My breakage was instantly taken care of and my hair has been responding so much better to my moisturizing and seal treatments. I can't wait to be a user of the entire line of products :)" -G. Davies

"I've been using VAiN's moisturizer and oil/sealant formulations and drinking water and my hair is loving it! My stylist told me that she barely had to use any product in my hair the last time I went. Thank you, VAiN!!!" -F. Labitue

"Week 6 of using my VAiN Hair products. . .hair feels thicker, healthier and way more conceited. #getsome @" -E. Jordan


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